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I am about to buy a Panasonic TH-42PWD6, and need to know what video board to order. I also need to know if I need an AV amp, or whether what I have got is good enough.

The kit:

I have a PACE sky box, and will use this for picture signal (via an inline amp). I also have a 'cinema in a box' (Sony Davs300).

The questions:

The Sky signal comes via an Inline amp to where I am mounting the Plasma (the sky box is at the other end of the house). Is this likely to be a problem for quality?

Can I use the Sony DAVs300 for sound for the TV, DVD etc, or do I need to buy a separate AV amp?

If I can get away with the DAVS300 (I live in a semi, so upgrading for bigger sound is not really appropriate), what connections do I use?

If the DAVS300 will not allow this, then if I buy an AV Amp, can I still use the DAVS300 for my DVD input?

In both scenarios (DAV300 or separate AV Amp) above, which board would I specify on the Panny?

Apologies, I know these are simple questions, but I have trawled the threads and nothing quite answers this? and I am on a budget!

Cheers in advance



Previously Liam @ Prog AV
The first thing you need to realise is that the plasma is a monitor not a TV. If the "inline amp" is an RF feed from the Sky box then there is no tuner in the plasma to physically "tune" into the RF signal in order to display it. You could use a VCR to act as tuner but the second problem with RF is that it is poo anyway so you won't get a very good picture...

My advice is move the Sky box. It's a pain but it is most definitely, 100% worth it. Or at least run a proper scart lead or similar from the Sky boxes No1 scart to gain RGB video quality to feed the plasma with. (search on the forum should bring up more info)

DAV300 will do for audio (although you can definitely get better)using a normal stereo audio lead from the Sky box and the simplest connection board to get is scart (using SVHS -> scart lead for DAV300). Again do a search, you might decide to use converters, scalers, a PC etc etc based on what you read, in which case you would go for a different terminal board as relevant.

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