Naive 4K TV / Freesat set up question


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With the advent of more and more streaming services (we have Prime + Netflix, and 6mths disney offer) i think we need a new TV rather than have to use a HDMI or connect to our Xbox to view them!

We have a TV from 2010 - a 32 inch Sony KDL-32EX503, that we watch FreeSat via a Humax 1010s. As everyone else, we mainly watch catch up TV on BBC iplayer, stream via Netflix or Prime and occasionally record on the Humax if its ITV or channel 4 to skip the ads.

So - thinking of getting a new 50 ish inch TV (eg 49 inch Samsung 4K) that comes with Freesat built in, and also all the apps for streaming so dont need to faff using another connected platform to watch them!

(i like the idea of having freesat built in to the TV to have a single user interface on the TV without having to start Humax every time etc)

But these TVs dont record if i swapped the 2 cables currrently coming from my dish into the Humax into the new TV, then how would i then record if i wanted to?
How would i connect the Humax to the TV...but via what cables? Or does the Humax also need to be directly attached to the Dish (as current)?
And what is the user experience if i want to record - how would i do it / watch them?

Sorry for the stupid question - as you can tell, this is not an area im very familiar with and due to lockdown cant go to a shop to find out!



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If you have been happy with the sony tv then stick with that brand! Sony tvs have been using the android tv platform and it has improved over the last couple of year's.Andriod tv has the most apps avaliable on any other smart TV platform...and support both freeview and freesat tuners.


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Thanks for the reply.

The Brand isnt really my concern right now (will be Sony or Samsung based on research)

My question is about the set-up:

If you have a Freesat TV - how do you record? Do people simply plug in a new external drive and the TV GUI manages the recording and playback as needed

BUT if i have a Humax freesat box already (1010s) how do i use this (as i already have it) / record to it with my new FreeSat TV...if i want to use the TVs Freesat guide/interface.

For example, do i need to run 2 new cables from the dish to the Humax and 2 direct to the TV as well?
OR somehow connect via HDMI...not sure this will work and still allow me to use the TVs freesat ie if the Humax box is connected to the dish, but the TV is connected to the Humax

Sorry if i am not being clear.

Do Sony and Samsung both offer all these?
  • Netflix
  • Prime
  • Disney+
  • Channel 4 OD (we cant get this on freesat)
  • ITV player (not that i ever watch it)




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If you have a Freesat box, then you already have the best way to record Freesat - no need to involve the TV in this at all. A dedicated PVR is always the better option for recording than a TV.

You can start off by connecting your satellite dish to your Freesat PVR and your PVR to TV via HDMI, then you can do all your Freesat watching and recording via the PVR. If you later decide that you want the ability to watch Freesat on the TV without turning the PVR on and the PVR doesn't have a TV out coax connection (Freeview PVRs do have such a connection but I believe Freesat PVRs don't ?), then you'll need an additional coax connection from dish to TV.


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Thanks for the responses

There is no TV out Coax - so seems options are

1). Dont bother recording, plug current Coax into freesat TV, dump Humax. Or buy a disk and record from TV guide direct.
2) Add new coax from one into Humax and new one into Freesat TV. Watch via TV freesat and record via Humax freesat. BUT this will be a real pain to chase down the wall and lay new coax in 2 rooms from roof
3). Add coax for freeview to TV - but as above this will be a real pain to chase down the wall and lay new coax in 2 rooms from roof
4) Keep coax attached to Humax, and watch Freesat through this, and only watch internet apps on demand via TV apps.

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