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Naim Uniti..... what speakers?


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Hello all, would appreciate any suggestions on what speakers and cables to use with the Naim Uniti?

Your advice and help much appreciated

Thank you :smashin:

John Martin

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Hello all, would appreciate any suggestions on what speakers and cables to use with the Naim Uniti?

Your advice and help much appreciated

Thank you :smashin:

Cables for Naim? Usual recommendation is Naim cable. Keep the minimum length to 3.5m as per Naim's recommendations.

Speakers? You've given no indication of budget, but the standard recommendation is, as always, go and listen for yourself. Only you know what you like.



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I know this is most unhelpful, but the answer to your question is - any speakers that you like, that you can afford.

There are probably a very few hard to drive exotic speakers that you might have trouble with, but other than that, the field is wide open.

More than anything we need your budget.

As to cables, even with a very expensive amp like this, I don't recommend the expensive premium speaker wires. Speaker wire of a size of 2.5mm² in the price range of £1 to £3 per meter is fine.

Though, if your speaker wire runs are short, it is not going to cost a fortune to get better cables in roughly the £5 per meter range. Though I doubt the benefits, we are only talking £20 here. That's not much compared to a £2000 stereo system.

As to interconnect cables, well, you've got an all in one system, so you should need few of those. I recommend mid-grade; not the cheap stuff, but not the ultra-expensive stuff either. You'll get he most and the best for your money in the middle of the pack.

Give us a budget on your speakers, and we can better comment on that.



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On the speaker fropnt I'll suggest PMC DB1i if you are looking for a stand mount speaker. They work very well together. :)


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You didn't mention a budget, so I am making a bit of an assumption by suggesting speakers up to £1500.

On the evidence of a recent demo, I'd make sure the Guru QM10s are on your list. It's no coincidence that the the UK importer happens to be a Naim dealer.

On the evidence of the same show, the new Kudos X2s are certainly worth a look if you fancy something a little more traditional looking, although they're so new, they're not even on the Kudos website.

Both offer a remarkably large sound for such diminutive speakers.

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Thank you guys and first of all appologies for the lack of effort in my first advert.
I have always been meaning to treat myself to a really nice set up as i have always has a interest in hifi systems but never got around to it, just keep picking up the mags and reviews, toying with the idea but never getting around to buying!
However I have been reading up on the Uniti and for me it seem just right, one unit that does everything and resonably priced compaired to their seperates range as like most I do have a budget! My next step is to hear it in the flesh and hopfully try out various speakers.

Im guessing my budget for speakers is about £1000, less if poss.
I have heard good reports on the Quad 22L's paired with the Uniti, but im guessing as per your comments its all down to personal choice.

I am not an expert, just looking for a decent set up for my lounge that will last me a long time and keep me smiling :thumbsup:

Thanks again for the posts


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Regards cable Naim cable is cheap enough and the amps are well matched to the load the cables present. Dont ask me specifics on load etc but many a test has found Naim amps work best with Naim cables unless the budget goes south.

Speaker choice is far harder. Fist decide on the size you can live with then the budget and get the car filled up:rotfl: Take two CD's at the very least. One that sounds amazing ie anything by Diana Krall etc and one that you enjoy the music but find a tad abrasive. Foo Fighters, Pendulum, Prodigy etc .

Member 116841

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If you're looking at the Quad 22L2's, then I'll assume you would prefer a floorstander. The Quad's are an option, nice and easy to drive. Another would be the Monitor Audio RX6 and RX8, depending on your room size. There's the B&W CM7, but I've never really been a fan of Naim and B&W together, but might be worth a try as some like this. KEF's IQ70 or iQ90 are another option, again, depending on room size, although as the KEF's being front ported this won't be as much of an issue as it would be with the B&W's. The Rega RS5 are also worth a look as they tend to sound their best on the end of Naim equipment. That's a pretty dwecent shortlist covering a few different types of sound, unless you want to look at standmount speakers.

If you can try out a few different cables, the naim NACA5 is worth trying, but also Chord Carnival Silver Screen should suit any of those speakers.

As the speaker can be used to tailor your system's presentation, a demo is highly recommended, as long as it's on the end of a Uniti of course :)


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Have just ordered a Uniti with Spendor A5s. Tried the PMCs which blew me away on recent recordings but were like being at the dentist when listening to 1975 Led Zep. Also tried Monitor Audio GS20s which did nothing for me. Give the Spendors a go.

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