Naim n-Vi- which speakers please


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Hi there

I am new to this so be gentle please! I am looking at purchasinsg a Naim n-Vi as per here

Please could you kindly recommend some good speakers that will do this system justice. I would like 5.1 floor standing speakers but I like my bass meaty and full. I mainly listen to electronic music and will also be using the speakers for the cinema experience.

Oh yes, they need to look good too.(for the mrs. -honest!) :hiya:

thanks for your help


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welcome to the forums..
first thing,why not just buy their speakers as well.?
anyway,as its speakers you are looking for,ill move this to the Speakers forum.


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I would look at the Neat Motive 2,they will match well with Naim,but the don't make a subwoofer so you would need to consider another brand for bass duties.


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The Naim N-Sat and N-Sub setup is excellent, but obviously forgoes your floorstanding vision... you could go with Allaes front and rear, and an Axxess or Axxent centre with the N-Sub, but you've just blown about £7k!

Dynaudio work extremely well with Naim in my experience (i use them!) and for your money you could have Focus 220 front and rear, Focus 200C Centre and a sub of your choice... either stick with Dynaudio or consider something like the SVS SB12+ that lot will be "cheaper" but still costly.

I'm not convinced you need Floorstanders for rears to be honest, and you could use either the N-Sats or the Dyn Focus 140 as rears and save about a grand in the first instance and £500 in the second!

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