Naim Integrated buzzing when NAD pre-outs connected - help?!?



Just received my Nait5 and have something a little strange going on.

I was hoping to use it with a Quad 66 CD player, and the pre-outs on my NAD T741 A/V receiver as the front channel amp.

Cabling is 2 x 3.5m NACA5.

I'm finding that I can connect my Quad to any input, CD/AV/Aux and all is well, however the second I connect the pre-outs on the NAD, or the phono audio outs on my DVD player (testing purposes) there's a very audible buzzing comes from the speakers.

This happens when the NAIT is on, and either of these 2 items are connected, it happens even if these two items are unplugged from the mains.

With the DVD player connected playing an audio CD I do get sound, from the NAD I get nothing.

I'm at a loss to explain the buzzing.. I've tried having nothing at all except the NAIT plugged into the mains block (I know.. maybe in the future) and the buzzing only occurs when either the NAD or the DVD player is connected.

Any ideas?!?



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Hi Paul

An earthing problem or RF? I don't know but best to ask on the Naim Forum


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