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Jul 28, 2000
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Does anyone have any info on this unit yet?

I believe someone mentioned it has an Arcam drive in it? Don't quote me.

I'm intrigued by this player.

Hi Guy

From the Naim forum...J

Inspired Vision

DVD for movie lovers……..
The naim AV2 processor quickly established itself as a multi-channel audio landmark. Designed to be a true music-lovers multi-channel component and eschewing video processing; it received many awards for its outstanding audio performance.

For many years naim source components have been considered the best in the world. The NAT01 tuner and the CDS3 compact disc player being prime examples. Therefore the first video source component from naim really had to be something really special.

Built to typical naim standards, it shares the 5 series’ anti-resonance casework, including no less than 5 printed circuit boards, a fully linear power supply with 12 independently regulated power supplies and 6 separate grounds.

CD performance is an issue with DVD players; most do not deliver. Therefore, to fit into naim’s hierarchy, the DVD5 must outperform the new naim CD5i when playing music CDs. naim’s advanced re-clocking circuitry, perfected in the naim CDS3 CD player, compliments the linear power supply and naim’s exemplary audio engineering.

The naim designed video circuitry supports Composite, S-Video, Component interlaced, Component progressive scan, RGB interlaced, RGB progressive, RGBHV high definition progressive and DVI digital progressive scan. In addition HDMI compatible displays may be used with the DVD5 via an adapter cable. Extensive naim-written set-up menus allow fine-tuning of the video output with 5 test screens assisting in adjusting the huge range of picture settings.

Uncompromised design…
In addition to its standard-setting video and audio performance the DVD5 brings a naim system into the high-resolution multi-channel audio world. The DVD5 software is upgradeable in the inevitable event of future standard changes and upgrades, 192kHz / 24bit audio being catered for with the addition of forthcoming modules. RS232 and RC5 ports allow advanced control in multi-room or custom-install systems.

When used with the naim AV2 multi-channel processor / preamp, the DVD5 provides full on screen display for the AV2 and also includes a new AV system remote.

 New reference standard DVD player.
 Numerous simultaneous video formats: Composite, S-Video, RGB and Component interlaced and progressive scan, High Definition Progressive Scan RGBHV and DVI.
 Faroudja DCDi de-interlacing technology.
 S-Video, SCART, 5 x BNC and DVI video connections.
 16:9 and 4:3 display support.
 5 test screens.
 Huge range of picture adjustments.
 Adjustable audio and video delay for lip sync correction.
 Standard-setting CD performance.
 Fully optimised master clock with naim data re-clocking circuitry to minimise jitter.
 Fully linear power supply.
 12 separately regulated power supplies with 6 isolated grounds.
 192kHz, 24bit ready.
 New naim AV system infrared remote control.
 RC5 input for wired remote control in complex installations.
 RS232 input / output for use in full home automation systems and naimware updates.
 Software upgradeable.

The naim DVD5 establishes a new reference level for DVD video quality combined with truly flexible, upgradeable and standard-setting musical performance

Video Output: Composite
YPbPr (Component)
RGBHV (High Definition)
SCART and BNC video connections
5 test screens
NTSC black level setup
16:9 & 4:3 display support
Mains supply 100-120V, 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 70 x 432 x 301 mm
Finish Black
UK price inc VAT £2,350 tbc

Product Available May 2004.
:eek: I know I found your old thread, but now you're scaring me.:laugh:

Thanks for that, exactly what I was after.

That looks like it good be totally stunning with an AV2.

Now all I need is £2225 + £2350. No problem.
:rolleyes: :D
but now you're scaring me.:laugh:

Don't worry about me - it's the prices I'm scared about :p
There's a Primare player that has just appeared at £2000. That was one I was watching too.

So far though the Arcam I have is excellent and I don't need to change that, but the Naim is definately another one to keep an eye on.

Just need to get HCC or someone to review the DVD5 + AV2 + amps for at last an idea of abilities together.

Jus not What HiFi though, I could write that review now. They're so predictable.:)
So far though the Arcam I have is excellent

Ooops - ignore my Philips comment on the other thread :)

Jus not What HiFi though, I could write that review now. They're so predictable.:) [/B]

Killer AV setup maybe :rolleyes:

No mention of upscaling abilities..... would also have been nice to have had hdmi on there, yes i know its still in its infancy, but the big boys are including it now, so its a bit puzzling for someone like naim to forget it.... or more likely ignore it

Personally, having watched technology in the past, as long as the core of whatever I buy is of high quality I'll be happy.

However, the fact that those sort of features are available elswewhere with high quality, means it's not an easy decision.

I love sitting on the fence.:)
well my feeling would be to go for the arcam..... you save a few pennies and gain safety in their reputation for upgrades when necessary. Also, there is a clear upgrade path...... elliott does the sdi conversion to what i have heard to be one of the best pictures available anywhere

I'm definately going to try the Arcam. Top of my list with the Naim, Meridian, Tag and poss a Bryston if one cropped up at the right price.
a bryston dvd player? is that a comment with knowledge or just a comment!? :D

The meridian machine looks the biz, but yet no one i know of has seen it to tell me how good the processing is, It also has the interesting option to run without a sound processor, if you have meridian digital actives. That said, there is another way..... there is a behringer product that for me would allow me to use the behringer as an active crossover directly from the meridian were i accepting ripping out the crossovers of my A1's. Im not sure if it would be simpler or more difficult with the active speakers, but with the upscaling of both dvd and external sources, it sounds an interesting prospect

Sorry, being thick again.

Going back and forth between this and the other Naim thread I confused myself and was talking about amps in this reply. Sorry.
Did any of you guys see the DVD5 demo at the Bristol Show ?

PQ on plasma (Panasonic IIRC) was terrible - loads of artefacts. Possibly a combination of poor DVD (a live music performance), and incorrect hardware setup, but very disappointing.

Can't comment on SQ, as I was too distracted by the picture.

I find it hard to believe that Naim would make a bad player, but on the strength of their own demo, i'm not very impressed. On a more positive note, I really liked what I heard in their audio demo rooms.

Just my 2p worth.


No - I didn't want to get caught up in their sales patter.

I did drop-in about 3 times over the course of the day, and it looked the same every time.

Wouldn't be surprised if it was just poor software and hardware setup, but it's p**s poor if they can't pull their finger out, and give a decent demo. They're not the only ones though - I went to the show last year as well, and on both occasions i've been particularly underwhelmed by Lexicon's demos.

I wouldn't make a decision until I've seen a production version. Everything else is "work in progress".

I dunno about you guys but I saw the player and it was real dandy. Honest. I looked at the same scene on the new Denon (5910- or whatever), Linn Unidisk SC, the new Onkyo reference DVD player and the hi-def demo. To be honest the Naim is in a different leauge, followed by the Linn. I had a home demo of the Arcan 79 a few weeks back and was totally underwhelmed. I saw the DVD5 and thought WOW!!. I'm off to my dealer first thing in the morning to book a home loan.
Naim's AV setup at the Bristol show sounded awful IMO. Bright and ear-hurting. Unlike the previous poster I noticed the sound first and didn't get to look at the picture closely. I have a NAIT 3R and B&W setup at home and love it to bits, and their 2 channel music demos sounded good.
As they pride themselves on providing quality source material on their own record label it seemed to go against everything they normally advise, i.e. that their kit will ruthlessly reveal any problems with the software, in this case a Bob Marley live DVD, which I think was at the root of the problem. Certainly didn't sell it to me and I've been thinking about a Naim AV2 for a while now.
Wilson Benesch's demo sounded really good though, and Arcam's very explanatory demo was pretty good also.
I scuttled off to the Living Voice demo room for some aural tonic and sat there for many minutes enjoying it....
Anyone actually got one? It'd be interesting to hear the thoughts of someone who actually has one.
Check out this months Hi-Fi news for a review of the Naim AV2 and matching DVD player.
OnTheFly said:
Check out this months Hi-Fi news for a review of the Naim AV2 and matching DVD player.

That was what prompted the question. It's not a DVD player that I'd really seen many posts on which surprised me given the range of kit owned by members of the forum.

Just wondered if anyone had them and if they'd care to share their thoughts on it.
Personally, I think, (and it's just a theory)..... that Naim came a bit late to the game as far as DVD is concerned. They're going to have to wait until the next round of upgrades.




The DV27, DV27A and now the DV29 are the favourite high end players here. I know there are others, but these players are just so damn good.

When you look at the prices too, it'll take a while for Naim to have an impact if any.

Why spend £2350 minimum when you can have top quality for a lot less?

(Don't mean to teach people to suck eggs, just stating the obvious.)
And don't get me wrong. If I had the money I'd investigate for sure. But I have a 27A, it is really is something special.

For now.

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