Naim Din Connection over RCA Phono?


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I've just ordered a Naim CD5i and noticed that it offers a Din conection as well as the usual rca phono's. Would there be any benefit using this over the normal rca connections. I currently use van den hul D102III hybrid interconnect to connect my cdp to my amp would there be an improvement if I used say a Chord Chrysalis Din to rca phono cable instead?
I will be using one of the connections to go to my integrated amp and the other to my GSP solo headphone amp so which should go where?

thanks for any assistance:D


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Don't know if this will compound the problem but isn't the Naim Din plug L/R + Earth and an RCA is just L/R? I thought the idea with Naims DIN is the signal is cleaner due to the earth? If there is no earth connection what could be the benefit of having RCA/DIN cable connectors?
I can see the point of XLR to DIN but not DIN to RCA. From what I can see you may as well just use RCA. I don't see how you'll benefit by having different ends.
Or am I missing something obvious? :rolleyes:


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I'm not quite sure tbh. I use Vanden Hul D-102 III Hybrid (rca-rca)from my CD5i to my Arcam and the 5 pin Din to RCA from the Naim to my GSP Solo MKIII headphone amp. I think it's only a recent feature on Naim kit that they provide both rca and din options so if your connecting to a non Naim amp with an older product then the only solution is to go din>rca unless the amp has din in. Until I replace my Arcam with an integrated that has a din in I shall remain ignorant to the benefits of Din>Din:(
Saying that I'm more than happy with the sound provided from either interconnect:)


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thank you for the answer!

I have a Marantz 5200 with pre out (only rca) to my newly bought Naim Nap-140 which only has only a dininput. But the dininput only has four pins (left, right, earth and a pin to power the preamp). I don´t know if I´ve misunderstood anything, but of coarse the two rca have one earth each to connect to dincable earth..

Are there different types of dinconnections, 4 pin, 5 pin etc?

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