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Nagging glitch - Samsung 40"

Discussion in 'Samsung TVs Forum' started by Sam Sung, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Sam Sung

    Sam Sung

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    I've registered on this forum because I hope there are people reading able to explain a frustrating drawback on my new Samsung LE40R51BX LCD TV, using SCART cables and the RGB setting on Sky Plus.

    Everything is great apart from football and some other sports, basically anything involving a green pitch! As the camera pans quickly horizontally, the grass loses its clearness and colour becomes uneven, creating the impression that there are light and dark 'patches' on the screen (I've checked and there aren't!). When the action is still, everything is OK again. Plus, the TV is great for all other programming and when displaying solid colour elsewhere no 'patches' are visible (i.e. it's the movement during football only)

    Apologies for the convoluted story, but this is annoying and detracts from the enjoyment of the thing I bought the TV for! I wondered if anyone had any observations or comments to help, for example should I be using better cables, settings...?

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