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As per news item on BB home page-

NAD takes wraps off new 7.1 amp
NAD has announced details of its new £600 T752 AV Receiver, the first of three new NAD Home Cinema Surround Receivers offering 7.1 decoding to be launched over the next few months. The most pertinent specs of the new machine are listed below...

• 5 x 80W Simultaneous Continuous Output Power into 4/8 ohms
• 150W, 200W, 225W, IHF Dynamic Power into 8, 4 & 2 , respectively.
• PowerDrive - NAD's exclusive amplifier technology which automatically adjusts the power supply settings of the amplifier to the exact needs of the loudspeaker - even demanding 4 ohm designs.
• Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES, DTS NEO:6, Matrix 7.1, Dolby Pro Logic II, EARS and Stereo Enhanced Surround Modes
• 5 A/V Custom Presets store unique settings
• Direct access speaker level adjustment for surround, center and subwoofer
• 6 A/V Inputs all S-Video and Composite, 2 full tape loops
• Component Video on 2 Inputs and 1 Output
• 3 Audio Inputs, 1 tape loop
• 6 Digital Inputs, 4 Coaxial, 2 TOS Link freely assignable
• 2 Digital Outputs, 1 Coaxial, 1 TOS Link
• 7.1 Analogue Input (for DVD-Audio)
• 2 x 12V Output Triggers, 12V Input Trigger
• 2 x IR Outputs, IR Input
• IEC detachable power cable
• Preamp Outputs for all channels (2 Subwoofers)
• Amplifier Input for front and center power amps
• RDS FM/AM Tuner with 30 direct access presets
• On Screen Display
• NAD Soft Clipping
• HTR-2 Remote Control with Macro function.

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Looks like NAD really are storming ahead into AV. I know that the forthcoming T772 at approx £1000 is the one to wait for. As above but more powerful and competent. I'm keen on the Arcam 200, but the competition has reared its head. :)


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Originally posted by General Skanky
NAD takes wraps off new 7.1 amp, I'm keen on the Arcam 200, but the competition has reared its head. :)

I have a cunning plan.
Wait for Arcam to release their version, then buy it through Empire Direct at NAD price.

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I've given myself the day of work today.:D Not in the mood.
Was going to get an Arcam demo, but the shop won't answer the phone. Don't want to waste precious skiving time if they haven't got one in. The alternative is Sevenoaks in Ipswich, but it means I'd have to walk into town. Almost against my religion that!:rolleyes:

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