NAD vs. Rotel?

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    I have narrowed my search for an A/V receiver to 2: the NAD T762 (not yet available) and the Rotel RSX-1055. Both list for $1399 (U.S.) and both can be had for about $1100.

    Ultimate sound quality is what I seek, I listen to stereo music more than I watch movies, but I do want DD-EX and DTS-ES for upgradability, even though I will not be running more than 5.1 speakers anytime soon...

    I have listened to the Rotel and NAD's T752 at separate retailers. They both sound great. Both brands have their loyal fans and detractors. I am bothered that the Rotel doesn't have a front panel A/V input (for a camcorder, say) or headphone jack, and that it's remote is much more complex and less user-friendly than the NAD remote.

    I welcome any opinions as to which is the superior sounding of the two units. Thanks!

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