nad T785, line out bass stopped working (down to a "light" signal on sub1 and sub2 line out)


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I have a t-785 surround sound receiver. After unplugging my powered sub from the line out sub 1 output (was testing sub on another system) and later plugging it back in, the receiver stopped sending a normal signal to the sub -- such that running the audessey set up program results in the system not finding the sub. Only a very soft test signal can be heard. when i plug the sub into another system, it works fine. i tried a new cable and that also did not work. i tested the current cable on another system and it worked fine. increasing the volume on the sub accomplishes nothing, nor does changing the levels in output on the receiver. the same problem happens trying to run the sub from the sub2 line out. i tried resetting the amp and resetting all of the settings and that also did not fix this issue.

I took the receiver to an NAD authorized repair facility, and they could not figure anything out. Im out of ideas and looking to see if anyone has ever heard of this problem. NAD has been unhelpful, refusing to share with me whether they have ever heard of this and giving me a speech about the unit being out of warranty (i just want to get it repaired if possible and advise a tech where to start).

thanks if this sounds familiar to anything you have seen before.

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