NAD T773 Vs Marantz SR 8500


Andaman Andy

Ok is discussed in another thread i was looking at the best AV Receiver around £1000 and for me it came down to the NAD t773 & Marantz SR 8500
Just wondering which one the forum members think is the best.
I have'nt read any reviews on the Marantz yet but have on the NAD.

Each seem to have there own merits Nad: Twin Holmgren toroidal transformers, powerdrive & cooling fans.
Marantz: Build quality, Copper plated chassis,THX Select.

What do you think?
The best option is to do some searching in these (and other) forums.
While I was doing my personal research with regard to receiver selection I came across quite a bit of hardware problems with NAD, something I haven't seen for Marantz.
I do not recall whether this was a general issue or related to one or more particular models.
Having said this, by all means, try to audition the types you have selected first before making your final selection.

In another thread I saw '40.000 microfarad worth of capacitors', well if this is the only selection criterium, a Sherwood R-965 has 54.000 microfarad worth of capacitors under its hood (and a torroidal transfo too)...

Just my two cents....
As i see on the test in stereoplay NAD was one of the best receivers. I dont have any problems on my receiver. Anyhow sherwood and Nad can't be comperable.

problems with sherwood r965

The amp is noisy with a very loud "click" each time you select a new input.
There no "auto detect" for an incoming signal (IE no auto selection of a surround mode; Dolby Digital, DTS etc).
Select Dolby Digital as the surround mode, and that is all it will accept, a Dolby Digital signal, not DTS (forcing you to change surround modes on the amp when switching language options on a DVD) or even PCM (if you use a DVD player for CD's, you'll need switch surround and signal modes each time you swap between the two).
If a digital connection is enabled on any input, the analog input will not function, no "redundant input" feature here either.
Another marque to consider is Harman Kardon. Very musical and yet very powerful for multi-channel AV duties.

I think you did not read my post correctly and did not get the point :D
And for Sherwood, the issues you state have in the mean time been resolved with new firmware :thumbsup:
I must admit that changing modes (although this is hardly necessary since it does aut detect) does indeed produce a brief but audible click but this can be explained when you look deeper into the circutry used.

Anyhow, the question was 'which one am I to choose ' - well inform yourself and have a good look around - NAD has (has had?) some serious QC problems, Marantz, as far as reported has got none....
No where did I imply that brand x is better than brand y - just base your selection upon some serious criteria and not solely on magazine x has tested this to be outstanding, our the unit uses military spec capacitors and stuff like that.....
i think that u dont read the first post so nobody asked u for sherwood ok
question was nad or marantz and i say nad so please read it again.
i sow you receiver on test ok and thats why i am mentioned it ok.

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