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NAD T762 problem found - owners please take note and...QED aftersale NIGHTMARE!!


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To all owners of T762 recievers,

I've been having ongoing, recurring problems with my 762 for going on 6 months (I originally bought it from qed-uk.com, in fact you'll probably find some of my posts regarding the purchase of it on here about a year and half ago), and because of the TERRIBLE after sales service of QED (online purchase), the amp has been actually away and just sat in their dept. for 5 months of that 6 months!! - if you ask how do I know, I know because, at the Home Entertainment Show early in the year, I talked with an engineer from Lenbrook who was there, in case of any questions from us AV nuts, and after hearing about my NAD problems he 'took up my cause' - he was fantastic, and he was in contact with the distribution dept. of QED. All that is required from QED is a phone call to Lenbrook asking for them to order a collection for it - that's IT - and my amp stood in the distribution warehouse for 3, 4 up to 6 weeks at a time, so I found out! The last time QED collected the amp from my house, after 2 weeks and contacted Mike at Lenbrook and he hadn't recieved an order to collect the amp, so I phoned QED up and they actually lied, and said the amp had been sent to Lenbrook. :mad: I firmly told them (and not the first time) that the Lenbrook engineer had talked with his warehouse, and NO request for collection had been given to his warehouse. Strangely enough, 2 days after my phone call, the amp was in Lenbrooks warehouse...the fourth, and final time it had gone, and so far (I've had the amp a few days) all is well. So...anyone with QED, or thinking of buying from them, PLEASE take note, they are ******* USELESS!!!

Now onto the reciever problem:

The problem seems to have arisen for one reason (not known by NAD until the past month), but affected the following areas of the amps systems, namely, SVideo OUT (MONITOR OUT), ALL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT. It was losing the picture and sound after the amp warmed up - I thought it was due to the known high running temperature of the amp and possibly the in built cut-out circuitry kicking in - Mike thought the same, but it wouldn't explain the flashing blue and red striped image on the TV. He cured the image problem, but then not the sound. After 3 returns there was NO digital sound output at all and I was getting REALLY annoyed! Cutting a very long strong short, after 4 returns, it has just been discovered that STATIC had probably initiated the problems, although it did indeed seem that there was an overheating issue aswell. The solution - to replace BOTH PROCESSOR IC's.

I bought my amp in October 2003 - in 18 months, I've only been able to use it for 11!

NAD owners also take note. If you are told that your amp, reciever has a one year guarantee, you are being lied to. NAD products (I know the recievers do, as Mike told me, and am pretty sure that would apply to their other products) are given TWO year warranties, and some dealers deliberately only say one year, so they can charge the consumer and then get the money back from NAD - VERY sneeky... :nono:

Well, all seems well, and it's been worth the wait. 6.1 surround through the T762 and NAD speakers is a joy :thumbsup: which reminds me, I must put some pics of the new cinema room up here... ;)

Hope this helps and/or is of interest. Things aren't quite as simple as they should be but one thing is for sure - Mike, you're a credit to Lenbrook. THANKS!!


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