Question NAD T748 & Samsung Smart TV OSD - help!


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Hi All,

This has been driving me nuts. I have a NAD receiver (T748 v2) and a Samsung Smart TV. They are connected via HDMI (monitor out on the NAD and HDMI2 on the TV) watching TV / Movies works perfectly, getting great sound and picture, however the NAD has an built in On-screen display (OSD) which enables you to setup and use the receiver day-to-day. When I access this function via the NAD remote or the button on the front the TV comes up with an error saying that the resolution is not supported and to change the source resolution.

The things I have tried:
  • New HDMI cable = fail
  • Change NAD resolution = fail -Spoke with NAD and its fixed at 720p
  • Configure Samsung = fail -spoke to Samsung and they say (which is rubbish) 720p is to low (even though TV specification says it is supported).
  • Configure Samsung 2: Accessed the Samsung service menu and disabled "hotswap" (I know this has worked for some when using apple TV) but no change = fail
  • Configure Samsung 3: Change the name of the source on HDMI2, option included PC, A/V, DVI = Fail
The only way I can get the OSD to work is if I use composite connection, this would be fine however I would lose the ability to use Audio Return Channel (ARC) and Consumer Electronic Control (CEC).

Samsung and NAD support are in a word useless, I am so disappointed by both. Does anybody have any ideas how I could resolve this (other than buying a new TV or Receiver)?

I was thinking maybe there is some kind of box I could put between the NAD and TV that may clear the signal? -the problem here would be it works fine watching TV until I hit the darn OSD button so it would have to adapt per signal. -I'm just hoping here.

I would be very grateful to anybody who could help.



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