NAD T531 vs. MP3

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    recently I bought NAD T531 DVD player. I was very
    satisfied with it before I tried to play cd's with MP3 files. Music from these files sounds fine, that's ok, but it jumps steadily. Not much, probably once or twice per album. If I try to play the problematic part of song again it's always ok and if I try it on my computer everything seems ok too. So I think, there isn't problem with bad recording of the files. I have many albums in MP3 files and some of them are recorded in 128kbit/s, some in 160kbit/s, and some in 192kbit/s bitrate. But the problem persists no matter
    what bitrate I used for recording. Have anybody met this problems? Maybe I should use only different encoder or specila blank cd for recording. I tried Xing and Lame. Thank you for your replies.

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