NAD T524 or Denon DVD-1720?


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I'm looking for a good quality DVD player to compliment my existing system. I currently have a Sony DVP-NS52P DVD player, which is good, but won't playback WMA files, therefore I would like to upgrade and get a better unit. I don't watch DVDs much, but as I have some WMA music files, a player compatible with WMA and excellent sound quality is absolute paramount.

I've been looking at either the NAD T524 or Denon DVD-1720. From reviews the Denon seems good, however, the NAD will match my kit better, but I can't find any reviews about it. What's the picture and sound quality like from these players? Anyone know if the motors on them are quiet? Which of these two would be likely to give better picture and sound?

My system - NAD C320BEE amplifier, NAD C521BEE CD player, Pure DRX-701ES DAB tuner and Mission m72i speakers. As you can see, I'm pretty serious about good Hi-Fi gear. :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:


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Hi markelliot:hiya:

I owned the NAD T524 before I upgraded to the T562.

I was happy with the T524 and thought it gave fairly good audio for a dvd player, though when I got the T562 it was clearly better in all aspects (Burr browns inside T562). The only thing my T562 doesn't do is WMA/divx/wav playback etc but it does play mp3's though.

If you weren't looking for divx etc I'd certainly recommend T562 instead as a bargain on ebay to be had for likely sub £200 but of course doesn't have the media facilities you want.

As for the T524, it certainly beat cheap dvd players I'd tried. Was remarkably slim etc. The motor I remember wasn't that quiet on it as you could hear it spinning from nearby when it's reading a disc inserted

The menu system was pretty good if I remember rightly and accessing the media you are looking for is also easy with the on-screen menus.

Having NAD seperates and if I was to decide I needed a divx player again (now use pc thru reciever/tv etc), then this would be on the tope of my list considering it matches up to my seperates, performs with no qualms and sound was good at the price-range for a dvd player at least at the time 18 months ago.

Hope this helps. I have no experience of the other options you mentioned though.



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Cheers for that Dan, it certainly sounds like a good player, though I'm not going to comit to buying anything yet, as I'm considering the Denon as well, and am also going to see if there's anything better. If the Sony DVP-NS92V played WMA's, then I'd buy it like a shot, as my existing one year old DVP-NS52P is excellent for both DVDs and audio, in my opinion the sound quality is incredible for a DVD player. Why don't the Sony's support WMA? Grrr. :mad:

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