NAD T 758 and 5.1.2 ATMOS CONFIGURATION and checking if it works


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Hello everyone,

need a little help configuring my new setup or just checking if it is configured ok because I am completly new at this and not sure, even after reading thru the forums and the manual for a week.

I have scoured the internet and set it up like this:

In my setup I have 2 amos top firing speakers positioned on top of my towers and i have them configured as:
Height 1, small, 80hz and Dolby Enabled front. (this can also be Dolby enabled sorround or top front, others options dont make any logic).
Back amp is configured as Height 1 and the top firing speakers are working.
LG TV is connected from HDMI ARC to HDMI out 4k as in the manual, and when i turn on the reciever i get Source 1, HDMI ARC on the display.

Now two questions, is that setup ok?

And the stupid question, sorry in advance, should I be able to pick somewhere in the sorround modes "Dolby Atmos" or is it under "Dolby Sorround"?
In the manual they vagely mention Dolby Atmos option but i cant find it/get it to show. Either i am reading it wrong or it is not working.

Thank you in advance for any info or help you can provide.

Best regards,


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hello, I'm a newbie but I'd like to share what I learned while setting my own 5.1.2 with upfiring speakers.

though my sony ss-cse upfiring speakers go as low as 70 hz, it is advised setting them to between120-150hz. because lower frequency sounds doesnt reflect well / not as directional etc. I suggest you to try those frequencies and see if the sound will suit your taste.

if you have a media player/bluray player and plan to watch dts:x media, checkif any sound comes from upfiring speakers. in my case sony str-dh790 utilize height speakers (for dts:x media) only if you set your upfiring speakers as "front height" speakers. (so I'm cheating my avr by giving it false info)

my avr remote has a display button, when I press it it changes the info showed on avr screen. maybe yours hava a similar function too? then it can change displayed info source/audio mode/ volume etc.

dolby surround is the current dolby upmixer that lets you use all speakers connected to your avr. for example if you play a regular dolby digital file with 5.1 sound, dolby surround mode makes you listen that sound in 5.1.2. unless you play a file with atmos sound it will upmix and fill the missing channels. if the signal is atmos, (which would have sound info for all your channels) there is no reason to artificially create sound for your extra channel. dolby surround won't try to upmix and your avr should show atmos.

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