NAD/Rotel/CA - am I missing something?


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Hi guys,

After a new stereo system (upgrade my old old technics mini system). Mainly for watching tv/films and music (cd/mp3).
Under £100 budget - so was thinking any of the following 2nd hand:

Rotel RA-04
Cambridge A5
Cambridge 540A

Am I missing any worthy contender from this mix?

Was thinking of pairing with some QA speakers - (2010 I'm guessing to underpowered) 2020 or 1030i. Budget for speakers £120 tops new or 2nd hand.

Is that a good idea or any other recommendations - unfortunately I don't really have time to get to a hifi shop and listen individually to items so I'm kinda relying on hearsay - I'm sure any upgrade will sound great after my 13 yr old mini system.



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Add a Creek4040, Marantz PM44 or 52, to the amp list - well worth a listen.

As for the QA, they're all good budget 'speakers and don't worry about the power ratings - unless you've got Krells, you're more likely to kill a speaker with an overdriven lower power amplifier.

Other speakers, if you want floorspeakers, a lot of older Kef (Coda 9) or MS might fit the bill or some Missions might be OK.


I dont think you'll go far wrong with the NAD C320BEE; IMO it's the best amp out of the lot youve mentioned and it was am multi award winner ;)

As for speakers; yes the Q Acoustics range is good. If you wanted floorstanders I can highly recommend a set of Acoustic Energy AE 109's via eBay

Superb speakers and will sit well with the NAD :)


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Hey thanks very much for reply, will look into creek and marantz.

Can I ask Which would you put at top of list and which at bottom if any?



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Try the NAD first - you're most likely to find one of those.

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