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NAD Reliability


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Hi everyone, just wanted to ask your opinions on reliabilty of NAD equipment.
Reason why I'm asking is that I'm looking at getting an amplifier between 500.00 - 600.00. The NAD C356BEE seems to tick all the boxes and I'm looking forward to auditioning it.
From what I've read on the web, a lot of people seem to like the NAD sound, however their products seem to suffer from regular faults.
I know somebody who used to repair hifi equipment and was told that they had more NAD products in to repair than any other manufacturer.
It that still the case, or have things dramatically improved.

Thanks :)


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I've had a C355BEE for nine months now and I'm extremely happy with it. I've carefully tried to go up and up with the volume knob and soon decided my ears would get damaged before the amp and speakers (MA RS1).

Mr Pig

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Nad was well regarded budget kit back in the day and was relatively reliable. What happens is that people trade on the name and reputation by selling cheaper made equipment to buyers familiar with the old products. Richer Sounds is full of cheap boxes with once prestigious names on the front, like Gale, Cambridge, Ariston to name a few. Do your homework and find out if the name still means anything.

Don Dadda

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I don't know what improvements there are over the C355, but doubt it will be a complete transformation. You can save yourself over half the price of the C356 and get the C355 at RS if you live near a branch that still has them or where available for a little more

Nad C355BEE Titanium - £270

One thing i do know, its not the looks.

You could also look at Marantz PM7004 £550
MARANTZ PM7004 AMPLIFIER at hifix.co.uk

Also, which do you have or plan to use with the amp? Makes a world of difference when matched well
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My old 3020 amp is still going strong in my brother-in law's system, and it must be 25 years old by now.

I had two NAD CD players that were pretty poor reliability-wise.

I sold another NAD amp (on behalf of a friend) that had problems - it was sold as such so the buyer new what they were getting, before anyone asks!

So in my limited experience, not the best quality gear in the world, although it sounds pretty good.


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Hi many thanks for all your replies. Finally got to demo some NAD equipment. Good sound, however I prefer the Roksan/Marantz sound, when compared to the NAD. Will be having a demo of the PM7004/SR7005/Pearl Lites hopefully soon.



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I had 326BEE amplifier a couple years ago and I never really fall in love with it.
The reason might be that I had a Marantz amplifier before running on same B&W 602 speakers.

However it really depends what kind of sound you like.
If you like rather cold and clinical you might like a NAD.
If you like it warm Marantz, Roksan(second hand) or Rotel will be a right choice.

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