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I am replacing my 12 year old system (finally!) and looking for some recommendations. Mix of music is lots of pop, jazz, vocals. A bit of classical. Want bookshelf speakers. Here are two systems I have looked at. Which would you rather have?

NAD C320BEE integrated amp
NAD C521BEE cd player (or maybe the C542?)
JMlabs Chorus 707s bookshelf speakers (will be on stands)

Yamaha rx496 receiver
Boston Acoustics vr-m50 bookshelf speakers

Anyone have experience with JMlabs 707s?
Should I care that NAD C320BEE is only 50 watts (vs. 75 or more for yamaha)?
Are the NAD electronics overkill for speakers in this price range?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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I have no experience of the Yammy gear you're thinking about, but I've owned NAD gear since i was 13. I've used the C320 and C521, and was more than impressed for the performance vs. price ratio-thingy. the BEE models are improvements even on NADs basic but high quality budget systems, so you shouldn't have any problems there.
NAD power ratings are really conservative, so don't worry about that, either
NAD are renowned for their musical properties - they've always made quality amps - clean, clear and crisp. lots of detail, but subtle in presentation (unless you really crank it up :D )
don't take my opinon though - go and demo as much as you can - what sounds great to my ears might sound terrible to yours. a lot of your decision should be based on what you find most appealing. although demoing might be difficult, at least try to do so, as most people on here will urge you to do.
good luck on putting together your system!

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Thanks Tom. I have demo'd a bunch of stuff, including the 2 systems above. It is just so hard to compare when they are at different stores. Esp the electronics. But to my ears, the NAD does sound great.

What spkrs have you paired with your various NAD gear?


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I started with the NAD C320 and a pair of wharfedale Diamond 8.2s, which i then (foolishly) sold, but they were great. with my current setup, i'm running a NAD T743 AV Receiver and the Tannoy Fusion series. i demoed the Wharfedale Diamond 8.3s but they were very bassy and nowhere near as good as the Tannoy Fusion 3 floorstanders i have now. :D

unfortunatley room acoustics are a reasonable factor in choosing a sound - if you want to make the best decision see if you can get a dealer to loan you some gear and try it out at home if you're really serious about this. failing that see if you can go to a small dealer and get him to get all the kit in you're thinking about in, promise you're going to buy from him and then make your decision tha way. its not easy but flash some cash and you tend to get most salesmen's hearts to begin beating... :)

Failing that buy the NAD stuff anyway!

good luck


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