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NAD C542 VS Rotel RCD-02 vs Cambridge audio 640C



These are my main choices in this price point. Can anyone help me narrow it down please?


Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
Not without a listen really. What are they to be connected to?

Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
If what you have now does not sound a bit bright and "in your face" then the matching CD is a natural choice. The 640C is a good choice to warm things up a little however.


Just go and demo the stuff in superfi -they should have your amp and speakers in stock.


I have the NAD and love it, in fact with the same speakers as Markie Boy :) Good choice!

dynamic turtle

Active Member
Another factor to consider is reliability and build quality, in which case the Rotel wees on the others from a very great height.

Sounds great and would be the perfect aesthesitc match too.

The CA is very good though (when its working) and does have a lovely remote.


Markie Boy

Well-known Member
I dont think Rotel is built any better than the NAD. From the outside the Cambridge wins hands down, but despite the plastiky look/feel of the NAD - its the internals which are more important and I dont think NAD are behind the other two in this regard.
dynamic turtle may have experiences with reliability issues with the mentioned items, heck you could buy a Rotel and still end up with a mechanical lemon!!!


Well-known Member
The Rotel is clearly going to look the best with a Rotel amp, no arguments about it as far as I'm concerned. Although the performance of all is fair similar IMHO, the Rotel also edges it in the performance stakes... and I personally think the Rotel looks the best full stop.

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