NAD C320BEE Vs Cambridge Audio Azur 540A


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I'm looking at getting a Sony 80Gb HDD recorder and am looking at 1 of the above 2 amps to go with it - they need to be fairly slim and in silver to match - hence the above 2. Does anybody have any comments on them? Which is the better one?

Really appreciate some replies as I'm a bit of a newbie with this subject :)



Hi Steven

Use the search option to see my repies on the Azur processor and DVD player.


Mr Cat

it'll be worth going to your local richersounds (if you nhave a loca one!) and asking for a demo...I've just bought a second hand NAD c350- and I'm absolutely over the moon with it...

Ed Selley

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Well the 540A isn't very small (95mm or so) but it is pretty good. I've got one as the amp section of my desk stereo and I like it- clean, powerful and pretty agile all things considered ( CD player is a CD6000KI). The overall finish is better than the NAD as well- an all steel chassis as opposed to a sprayed plastic fascia. Only ever listened to a C320 (not a BEE) but found it sounds a bit safe by comparison.

Mr Cat

with that, you really need to demo to see what suits you best...I did buy my nad 'blindly' (well, had listen from buyers house...), but thought that if it didn't sound too hot on my system then I could sell it on without losing out as I only 155 quid, plus another 10 on some QED interconnects...


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Well, I took the plunge and went for the Azur and like Tons of Fun says, it certainly has a really good finish - very solidly built. Even the remote control has an all metal fascia on it. Goes pretty well with the HDD player which is a top bit of kit :). Pick up my B&Ws to go with it all on Friday :clap:

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