Nad C 370 needs some help...

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Soundflux, Feb 1, 2005.

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    Hello Everybody!

    After 3.5 years runing my NAD 370, it started to show me some horrible problems:

    After switching On the amp, the right chanel (just right) is horribly distorted, low sound and almost difficult to hear. The only one solution(quick one) brings back to the normal sound is: I`m adjusting volume control up to 2/3 of signal, then the strong signal "brakes through" the distortion, low sound goes up, and the chanel begins to perform normaly. I swapped speakers- it changes nothing.
    It hapends ones in four I have some sneaky suspicion about the last days of my NADy...
    Does anybody know what is wrong and is it posible to reanimate my NADy...please.


    Nakamichi MB10 cdplayer
    Denon radio tuner T 260LII
    NAD C 370 amplif.
    KEF Q7 speakers (bi-wired)
    Van Den Hul Mk III Hybrid Interconnectors
    QED silver anniversary be-wired speaker cable

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