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NAD and Marantz Stereo Amps

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by midwinter, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. midwinter


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    Hi folks ,

    I've posted here a few times before about stereo related things and you guys always had great advice. I'm looking to improve my stereo sound in my system by adding a dedicated stereo amp and using a switch between the av amp/dvd player and the cd player/ stereo amp for the fronts. Will adding a swicth degrade the quality of the signal by a noticable amount?

    My Current system :

    Marantz SR5300
    Acoustic Energy Evo 3 Fronts
    NAD 521BEE CD Player
    and QED Silver aniversary wire

    Now i have been looking at the following stereo amps:

    NAD C350
    NAD C352
    NAD 320BEE
    Marantz 7200
    Rotel RA-01

    I was under the impression that some of these amps sound a little strange when paired with the NAD 521BEE cd player i have namely the Marantz 7200. Can anyone recommend a good match for this cd player? I listen to mostly electronica , rock , dance with a spot of jazz in there.

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