NAD Amps - Pre Amp or not?

Steve Jay

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Hello there, like a lot of folk I am piecing back together an old Hifi separate system and I have a set up as follows.
Rega Planar 3 deck, old Pioneer CD (100 disc Jukebox) and a NAD3020 Integrated Amp into Acoustic Energy AE100 speakers (all gear from a past life).

I also have a NAD c320BEE Amp spare (historically I've always preferred the old 3020) I was wondering if it would be worth using one amp as a Pre Amp never tried it before; would it be a worthwhile exercise? If so which would be the Pre Amp? How would I do it, the 3020 is Bridged) I know that the AE's can take a bit of driving but sound ok at present but could the Pre Amp help?

I would appreciate any feedback / advice :)

It's the vinyl that I am more interested in the sound of than the CD's

Many thanks
Steve J


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Using the two NAD integrated as pre / power combo would only add some more interconnects to the system. No advantage whatsoever.
Using both amps to bi-amp your speakers (assuming they have bi-wiring posts) would give you more power, but I don't think it can be done with your amps, as they work only as either pre or power when you remove the links.
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