Nad 310 amplifier - blowing fuse in plug


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Hi collective!

Am hoping someone might be able to help out with a problem I've encountered with my Nad 310 amplifier. After years of faithful service without so much as a hint of a problem, it's all gone Pete Tong.

Turned it on this morning, got the familiar 'pop' through the speakers, played teh CD and the sound just faded out and went crackly - like the amp had been turned off. Checked the front panel and, yep, the power light was fading.

Checked the fuse in the plug (3A fuse) and it was blown, so replaced it, and tried again. Familiar 'pop', power light glows bright then fades away. Fuse had blown again.

Tried a third time with all interconnects and cables removed (just on the off chance....) and still no joy.

Obviously it is blowing the fuse as the amp fires up, and I've taken the top off and checked the two glass fuses on the board beside the transformer winding and they are both fine (checked in situ, not removed).

Any suggestions what to check next? Or is it dead (ie, not really worth spending the money on repairing)? I know it's quite an old amp, and not exactly high-end, but it's served me well and I don't particularly have the cash to go out and buy a new amp at the moment!

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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