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was going to order the N93, but the guy I spoke to in a shop today was really banging on about the K800i, I'm now confused, any recommendations? I'm wanting it for taking video/ some photos, the twist screen on the N93 really appeals cause it looks like it'll be easier to hold it steady in a club/ the big screen should make it easier to see what I'm doing, but the size of it does make me think it might be better going for the K800i, anyone got any recommendations?
Having just gotten a K800i on Orange i can report that it's an excellent phone, camera is excellent even has a macro fucntion. It's not as bulky as it looks inthe pics and overall a lovely phone to use, the only thing missin i think is Wifi.. but other than that no complaints.


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Cannot comment on Nokia but i have heard that it is a Breeze block brick.

Just took delivery of a K800i on orange and very very impressed with it for a normal engineering house brick :).
Really not as big a footprint than i expected but for what you get with it it's awsome.
Cannot wait to get some M2 memory and do away with my MP3 player and 2 mp camera :) .
Oh and i nearly forgot. It makes phone calls. :)



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Salesmen in mobile phone shops are there to sell you whichever phones they have in stock and get commission for doing so. I really wouldn't value their opinion at all, even if they are sometimes right.

The N93 is a BIG phone, but it's imaging features are unparalleled. The video quality is excellent and a proper optical zoom is very handy.

The K800i is a great all-round phone, but it's video quality is terrible.

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