n80 to be discontinued on vodafone


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i rang vodafone this morning asking about my upgrade options to the n73 or the n80, and they said the n80 is out of stock and will be discontinued.

Has anyone else heard about this?

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Most companies will tell you that something is discontinued in order to offer you something else that they have in stock. The alternative is that you go somewhere else to buy it. If they tell you its discontinued then you have no reason to go somewhere else, and hence will buy/upgrade from them instead.

Basically never heard of it, the phone has been availbale for 4 months why would it be discontinued.


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He eiother was trying to give you something else or was just thick!

I asked about my N91 in the o2 shop and they said they didn't it, and I said mayeb you misheard me, I said the N91. Which he replied yes the Nokia N91, we have never stocked it. So I replied, well why do you have a dummy model of it on display then? "Oh THAT'S an N91" he said.

***, how can you work in a phone shop and be so bloody stupid! :mad: :mad:

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