N80 problems + mini-review

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by asdf666, Aug 3, 2006.

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    Hey just got my n80.. The speed is not as bad as what people say. I think it is even faster than my non-smartphone 6270.. And the camera is awful(for 3mp) IMO... Because when i look at it through the computer, it looks exactly like the photos i take using my 2mp 6270..

    Btw i have some queries.. Can anybody tell me how can i make song lists? Here's the reason why. i cant seem to get my Ringtones out of the damn music player... It automatically scans for music files on the phone no matter it's .aac/.mp3.. so all the ringtones which i cut myself would be enqued on the dam list..

    And about the browser, it's fantastic.. One problem though, why does it automatically closes at times?? Is it because there are pic/vid files on the page which require too much bytes? More than a 'maximum' amount allowed perhaps?? Anyone free to give a helping hand pleasE??:thumbsup:

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