N8 phone memory full error - solution?

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I keep getting this error message. Ive been into file manager and I store nothing on the phones own memory (250 mb approx). I know some apps by default use this memory, and you cant remove these via the file manager, or use another memory via the apps. Some of these apps include contacts, e mails, nokia panorama, etc. Even though I'm clearing data in the apps I know are offenders, the memory is still slowly filling and I have less than 10mb of space left now, even though I keep trying to clear it.

Anyone know of a fix. I'm running nokia belle. I dont have pc access till later this week, when I'll try a back up and restore if all else fails. Searching the net, it seems a common issue with the N8, but theres no obviius solution as far as I can see.


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I have exactly the same problem. I keep seeing a warning saying the phone memory is nearly full. When connected to a PC and Nokia suite it actually detects this and helps you by deleting messages and such like. However, that made very little difference. All photos, videos and music are stored elsewhere. So I am also waiting for a solution.

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