N70 + cheap memory card = jerky video?


when ever i take a video clip on my N70 the video is very jerky, could this be due to very cheap memory? It is a branded Kingston memory card though, i thought a decent make would be fine, maybe its a fake?


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Have a look on the back (or front) of the card. Is it made in Taiwan or Japan? If in Taiwan, then the cards are not as good as those made in Japan. The speed of the cards are not as fast. Had a Kingston Taiwan in my N70 and took forever for it to load up the gallery etc (altho it didn't jerk on movie recording), but the Kingston Japan card in my N73 is great.

It could also always be a firmware issue, have you upgraded to the latest? If not, give it a go...


many thanks for replying.

It says Korea on the back, so does that mean its rubbish?

Im very familiar with firmwares but not for mobiles, ill check out the Nokia website.

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The speed of the card determines everthing when it comes to video.

Put simply you do need a faster card.

I don't know what to recommend personally.

I have a 2Gb Kingston in mine which works fine with everything, but I expect it to be sluggish on video, not yet tested.

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