N64 SCART Lead Availability?


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I had a retro moment last night and dusted off the old N64 to play a game that, at the time at least, was one of the most immersive gaming experiences I've ever had: Shadow Man. I really was chuffed to bits with this game, and so disappointed when the sequel was a Playstation 2 exclusive (and then I read the reviews of said game and was glad I didn't have to endure it. Shame though, as the premise of Shadow Man was so promising.).

Anyway, I connected the console up to my LCD with my Gamecube SCART and only got sound with no picture (could've sworn I was told that the cable was compatible with the N64) so then I tried the N64's composite SCART and again, sound but no picture. Despairing, I took off the SCART adaptor and connected it via the red, yellow and white leads. This time, a terrible picture was thankfully improved by using the expansion pack's high resolution option but still I can't help but feel I can get a better picture with a compatible, fully wired RGB SCART.

Talking to the wife this morning she suggested it might be time to say goodbye to the old N64 and all its games. The very idea is alarming to me; it would be like giving a child up for adoption. All those good times me and that console had, I couldn't just give it up to a stranger.

So, what I'm pondering now is, how easy would it be to get a fully wired RGB SCART for the N64 and also, would it make any discernible difference anyway?


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I was linked to this forum from another forum. The first forum I checked was this Nintendo one.
I came across a question from somebody regarding the N64 and S-video. I thought I'd join to give some advice but it took a day or two for my registration to go through.
Anyway here I am. I haven't posted in the thread but will do after this since your post was at the top.
You can use S-video with the NTSC N64 but not the PAL N64. As for RGB SCART. That's a negative I'm afraid.
I don't keep up-to-date with it that much but people have tried to get RGB out of PAL N64s for a long time.
Apparently it's possible with NTSC believe it or not. I think there's more than one way to achieve this and results can vary. Quite annoying when you think that America doesn't even use RGB.
Japan uses NTSC as well and for a while there were Japanese TVs with a socket called 21 pin RGB which is in fact a SCART style connection although it's wired differently. I don't think it was used in Japan much although I've seen Playstation1 leads made by Sony of this type.
Recently I noticed on E-Bay UK a N64 which was bought in Hong Kong and was NTSC and RGB modded. At the time I'd just had 3 bills come through on top of the rent so I couldn't go for it. Typical.
So don't try S-video either. But why would you get rid of it? To me it's the console with the most killer apps ever. Mario64, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and the 2 Zelda games are 5 of the best games ever.


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Thanks, Red Breast. I'll just fiddle about with the callibration until I get a picture that I can live with (weird, though, how the SCART adaptator, whilst obviously not giving as good a picture as an RGB, worked on my old CRT but my LCD won't accept it).

I couldn't possibly get rid of it, though. Ocarina and Majora's Mask are wonderful games, Perfect Dark too.

The N64, what a console!


If you're lucky your LCD might be one that gives an amazing picture using the cheap yellow composite cable. There should be loads of those cables about, we used a US N64 with S-video cable on the Samsung R7 and its much better than when I did an RGB conversion on it for the old Sony trinitron CRT. LCDs have some trickery inside to bring the picture up to its native res and no scan lines, I still run the Wii using composite and its great.

Yes the N64 is a great machine, we started buying the N64 games on the Wii virtual console for the convenience, and the top games are well worth the 7 odd quid even if you still have the carts.


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Useful thread.

On my old Tosh plasma, I bought a lead from Game that allegedly connected the N64 via an S-video connection, but the picture "jumped" 2 or 3 lines every few seconds; I reverted to composite and although the picture is imperfect, the kids don't complain.

Now I have a Yamaha 761 amp that supposedly converts composite, s-video and component into whatever output you select (apart from HDMI). This is connected via all available outputs to a Panasonic PZ70 plasma. However, it outputs the N64 s-video signal as b/w on the s-video socket, colour (but poor quality) on composite and for a split-second on component before displaying nothing. There is a note in the Yamaha manual that says this conversion feature may not work for games consoles, although it converts the PS2 s-video to a glorious component image.


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I know this is old, but red breast you are completely wrong on the following issue:

PAL N64 DOES SUPPORT S-VIDEO, it does not feature RGB however.

I know as I have a gold plated S-video lead which features video and R/L audio out. It works perfectly on all my televisions and gives an exceptionally sharp, clean and clear picture with vibrant colours and excellent blacks, on all my old CRT's. Of course it is pixellated on my 1080i 42inch plasma though this is due to the n64s low resolution 320x240/640x480, even so it has zero fuzz. I use a Scart adapter on (with s-video input) and use it on my AV1 RGB terminal for best picture quality.

People with S-video issues may have recieved dodgy leads. I would advise anyone to connect via AV1 as this nearly always has the highest quality.

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