N64 + S-Video Cable + LCD TV = Black and White Picture


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I have just connected my N64 to my new Samsung LE32A436T via the S-Video connection at the side.

I get a black and white image. I don't believe it is the cable as I used it no problems on my old Hitachi CRT.

Also, I have tried my dreamcast using the S-video output of it's VGA box and I get a full colour picture.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Whats it plugged into on the TV? A dedicated S-Video input? Or an input that hosts both S-Vid and Composite RCA? Cos if it's the latter, like my TV, you will need to go into the TV menu, to the inputs settings, and you'll be able to select either "S-Video" or "AV" (possibly listed as "composite" or "CvBS") for that particular input number (ie, if it's input number 3)


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It has both S-Video and Composite RCA. I did have a quick look at the menu but couldn't see anything that related to it. I'll have a more detailed look tomorrow and post the results!


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Hmm... no luck with that. I had a good look around and couldn't find any menu relating to the input settings for the S-Video port at all.

Tried the S-Video connection from my DVD player and that works fine too. So it must be either the N64 or the cable. Unfortunately I don't have my RF lead with me so I can't check whether it is the N64.


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Right, fixed it.

Not entirely sure how it might of been me just ramming the cable in harder, or...

I turned on the N64 then plugged the cable into the TV, it flickered a little bit then produced the colour picture. My guess is it has some auto detect for the settings.

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