N64 / GameCube won't connect to Projector


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Hi All

I've been unable to connect either my N64 or GC to my Optoma HD80 projector.

I have dedicated S-video leads for each console which both work fine when connected to a Panasonic plasma. However, when either is connected directly to the S-video input of the projector the PJ detects no signal and there is no picture. Likewise, when I connect the Nintendos to my Yamaha DSP-A1 amp and then feed the S-video signal on to the PJ - still nothing.

The PJ inputs all function because my Dreamcast runs fine on S-video either directly into the PJ or through the amp, as do other S-video sources.

In a chat with a techie at Optoma he suggested that S-video was sent in a system of pulses and if the frequency of the pulses didn't match what the PJ was expecting then that may cause the problem. He suggested trying different leads but I've spent loads on various leads already and am loathe to splash out more.

In digging around the web there seem to be issues with newer PJs for connecting N64s. (mine ran fine on previous PJs).

One solution I thought of would be a video to VGA converter box such as PC Laptop AV CVBS RCA Composite S Video to VGA Monitor Converter Switch Box | eBay

which would convert the S-video to VGA output for the PJ. However, I've read that these things don't like progressive and so can cause problems. THe N64 puts out 288P or 576i AFAIK but you have no control over which. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated. :)


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The Dreamcast was 60hz for Pal, so that will work, but the N64, not sure about that.
I got a black and white picture with the Japanese one, using S-Video, on an hd65, but anything more than that is lost to my memory of about 2 years ago.
The Pal one, **** poor 50hz signal no matter what..

What about a 60hz mod for it, or an RGB modded import?


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N64 on projector sounds terrible. It was so low res anyway. The pixels would be as big as your thumb print.

I don't think the UK gamecube has s-video output does it? So I'm guessing you have a us gamecube and so should work. It will give out a ntsc signal via s-video which I assume your projector is capable of taking. The ideal output for gamecube is a component cable. However they are hard to find and expensive. Personally I would replace the gamecube with a wii as it provides full gamecube compatibility (assuming its an early model) and component cables are dirt cheap.

N64 s-video output may have compatibility issues as the N64 is so low res. I went the emulation route for N64 games as I couldn't stand the output quality of the N64 on a projector.

Dreamcast should be connected via VGA. It still looks amazing.


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Yeah thanks guys.

Both Nintendos are UK Pal ones. TRue - the GC maybe doesn't have S-Video.

Anyway, really wanted to get all my retro consoles in one place and play from the comfort of the La-Z-boys in my cinema room.

I think I'll go for a VGA box for the DC. :)


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Can I jump in ask how or where you got s video lead for N64 mine has the original aerial connection and I hate it on my led Sony tv

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