N2050 - 2TB and A-Z menu

eric pisch

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I couldnt find any info on anyone successfully using a N2050 with 2*1TB drives so i took a punt and got all the bits

i just started to sky copy+ the info over and was wondering if theres anyway with sky to re organise your list of recorded programmes A-Z as i can see find your way around a problem if this upgrade works


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Sadly Sky's NDS software uses signed 32 bit integers, so the maximum you can use is a single 1TB drive.

If they ever allow the external SATA port to be activated you could in theory use a pair of 1 TB drives, 1 internal and 1 external (just like the TiVo series 3).

As far as I know, no-one has been able to hack the Sky NDS OS, so the only people who can give you the badly needed extra software features are Sky NDS.

I think the disk upgrade is about the only thing we can do with a Sky HD box at the moment.

When prices of 1 TB drives fall I will just put the 1TB in an external caddy and swap them in and out like old VHS tapes :)

If there is demand for a £20k SKyHD equivalent of Kaleidescape with TiVo features I would love to setup a business making a 20TB 20 tuner SKyHD server system for the uber-rich :)

eric pisch

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so im pretty much wasting my time squirting my old drive over atm

i like the idea of swapable caddys, even if you used cheap 500 or 750 drives this could be an easy and reasonably unfiddly option

waht about the A-Z sorting?

eric pisch

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used a single 1tb drive seams to work well, upped free space from 7% to 34%

i had some issues on the 750gb with stuttering/overshooting on xMAX forward and reverse and subtitles wouldnt work if u played stoped and then restarted a programme

these all seam fine, may have been a fragmentation issue

i used the latest beta copy+

drive is alittle clackey but better then the 750gb it replace

hitachi 1gb from scan

Im after a couple of cheep ext sata caddys with SATA connectors that dont have the "L" shape on one end, any suggestions?

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