n00b hello and 1st question.Toshiba 37XV505DB.


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1st off, howdy to everyone. i've been a lurker for quite a while now, searching this shrine of electronic gadgety information and thought i'd better sign up.

right, down to the nitty gritty...

i have a ps3 connected (HDMI) to a sony 5.1 1000w 1080p pass-thru sound system, which in turn is plugged into my (brand new today) TOSHIBA 37XV505DB.

i loooove the tv, its so crisp, gives a much better picture than i've ever seen before and is superb with the ps3.

however, i'm having a bit of trouble with the "exact scan" mode. A few games such as call of duty 4 and GTA4, both of which support 1080p output, won't display/don't have the option to be displayed in "exact scan" (only native or widescreen); whereas gran turismo 5 prologue can be played in exact scan mode.

is there a reason for this? ie have i accidentally changed a setting somewhere? or is it because of the game itself?

cheers for any help,


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i worked it out last night so sorry for the useless first post.

its the same old misleading HD information. the games can be upscaled from 720p to 1080p...therefore not true 1080p.

that sucks!!

however i have come up with a proper question, does anyone have any decent settings for ps3 and tv use on the 37XV505DB. it looks good as it is, but theres always room for improvement!!


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