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Hello forum,

total n00b here with a couple of questions for those of you who know the crack with the old technology. I found this site while lookinf for infor on the Sony 50" rear projection telly that argos has on offer for £800, and need some advice on a different topic, so thought i'd sign up and throw myself before you...

So, I want a DVD recorder, ideally with a hard disc (prefer 160 Gb, but 80 will suffice if the quality is there. My price range is up to £250, but i'd prefer to shop on the high street for peace of mind when it comes to faults/returns.

Can anyone recommend a good choice?

Two I have looked at are;

Wharfdale 160 Gb from argos (£199.00)


LG RH 188 (£200 from Richer sounds)

Does anyone have any experience of either of these models?

Also, I have Sky+ (I want a HDD recorder to effectively double my space, as I keep filling my Sky+) - does anyone know of any problems with an HDD and Sky+ together, bearing in mind I can only just wire a plug!:)

Any help appriciated, cheers


Cynthia 7

Hi which wire,

Welcome to the forums. I don't know anything about these recorders as I have a Pioneer one, bought online.

Fortunately I have been lucky with my online purchases but I can understand you wanting to buy locally. DVD recorders are not the most trouble free purchases.

At the top of the AV Forums page, underneath the gold lettering there is "Search" on a blue background. Click on that, then click on Posts. In the box put the name of the recorder, for example LG RH188. I just did a quick check and quite a few posts came up from our members about this recorder. Then do the same for the Wharfedale one.

Don't click on Search this thread, just the Search one.

Richer Sounds is a good place to shop.

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