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MYTVTOGO for MCE users with smartphones

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by Spacecat, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Spacecat


    Apr 1, 2001
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    If you have a Smartphone or Pocket PC and you want to watch your recorded progs on the move then this app is for you!

    I bought it yesterday for $23 and today i was watching a very nice copy of HOUSE on my SE P900 phone on the tube.

    It converts a 3.5 gig file into a 51mb one !! and the quality is still pretty good esp on a small screen

    As a Non microsoft phone user i have to do another conversion with a prog called smart movie to watch on my P900, but if you have a windows based phone or pocket PC then you just need to do the basic conversion.

    Very cool prog and my 128mb card can hold up to 2 hours of TV shows

    Opens a lot of the potential of MCE for me and i can watch my TV shows on my phone without having to carry and buy a portable media centre

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