Mythbuntu / Linux XBMC + Live TV

I'm fed up with 7MC issues and before I revert back to Vista for the time being, I thought I'd give the above a try.

I've briefly installed and used various distros, which would be simplest to get going with?

Machine spec:

nVidia GT520
Hauppauge Nova-T500
320gb HD
2gb RAM

Wants are:

Live and recorded TV
HD Audio bitstream
Bluray playback
Game emulation (SNES, megadrive, PSX etc)

The graphite/arclight skins look good for mythbuntu, and I've used the Windows version of XBMC and the front end appears to look similar, but couldn't get the tv working (via MPTV server), though I think this may be down to W7 as I have tuner issues there too.

Any pointers, advice or opinions?


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Ubuntu minimal (search xbmcbuntu for instructions). Replace repository with that of xbmc-pvr. Install tvheadend instead of myth and set up. Configure addon. Done

Alternatively look up the openelec pvr build. Tvheadend. Ones as an addon for that. It's built by someone called guj I think. Build 56 wasn't that stable when I tried but others said older ones were. Not sure how fast the builds are progressing.


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Not sure you'll get hd audio from xbmc though. Could be wrong. Also unsure on bluesy disc playback
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