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    last weekend me and and friend have made a long test session. Target was to check out what differences can be seen on different YUV-cables. We checked several 10m types from 50Euro up to the Kimber V21 for 520Euro. The results are much more boring than some ohter things we found out.

    But first the testing equipment:

    Arcam DV27 ( PAL-PS by RGsB )
    HTPC ( 720x576) by RGBHV
    Barco 808s ( with new tubes ) later on I checked the results again on my Barco808. Same results.

    Now the following we found out:

    With every cable and on both setups YUV or RGsB, the Arcam produces a little ghosting. Easily can be seen on a Test picture with horizontal burst up to 6.75 Mhz. There yo can see 2-3 time ghosting at the 6 and 6.75Mhz. The HTPC does not produce any ghosting. Only at higher frequencies ( 1440 x 852 ) it can be seen.
    At that high frequencies to also can see the quality of cables.

    The second thing I found out is the influence of the Syncsignal on the green.

    If you look the burst picture at 5Mhz. Normally it contents vertical lines in black and white. With arcam ( even it was sharper than the HTPC ) you can see that some of the white lines are greenish. If we switched to YUV, this effect was gone ( sorry for me, because my old PJ can´t use YUV signals). Also the HTPC does not show any green effects. Unfortunately the graphic card of the HTPC was not able to be setup to a RGsB signal. This would or would not proove that this effect is definetly coming from the sync on green.

    I would be interested if anybody else checked out this effects.

    I am thinking about a Key Digital. But I already had a YUV to RGB converter in Denon2800er times, but this on leaves the sync on green. Does the Key digital can eliminate the sync on green and only give out the H/V syncs separate?

    Also possible: I have heard that it is possible by a hardware update, that the DV27 can give out RGB with separate H and V signals. Is that true? And is in that configuration the sync on green eliminated?

    Best regards

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    There are the points on the back of the DV27 for the extra C-sync, V-sync and H-sync sockets to be added, either in phono or min-D form. I guess it's upto you to give it a go, I suspect it will definately invalidate your warranty.

    Not sure if anyone has tried this before.

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