Mystery of Headsets no longer working


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I am tearing my hair out here, my Turtle Beach with 3.5 mm jack headsets are not working after 6 months of trouble free usage. My son unplugged them yesterday to use on facetime and when he plugged them back in they no longer work. I mean, no sound comes through them, microphone doesn't work either, the microphone graphic in the top right of the screen has a line through it.

Here's what I've tried:

1) hard reboots - several times, left for many minutes, unplugged everything.
2) controller updates - no required, different controller, no luck
3) friend brought his working headsets round, didn't work either.
4) looked in settings at the sound options, changed from stereo to Surround, no difference.

What am I missing?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Only thing I would suggest is a factory reset, you have 2 options when doing this so you don't have to delete all your games.


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Okay, I see that option, does it retain all your xbox friends and game checkpoint saves?
You will need to add your gamer tag again, sign in with email and password, once this is done all your friends will still be there.
All game saves are stored within your account, games will "re-sync" when you start them up.


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I’m having this issue. Bought for xmas and headsets no longer work in the controller.


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I've had this issue with my son's headset before Christmas. He is autistic and has a habit of playing with the lead to the controller. Turned out that the connection inside the controller had broken due to the 3.5mm jack being pulled out forcibly by my son. New controller was the solution and a wireless headset for my son.


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Glad you sorted it - I've had 2 Xbox pad 3.5mm inputs fail (luckily both within the warranty period) - seems its a weak point of the controller.


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Got my one x black controller replaced. New one didn't last more than a few months before intermittent drop outs. Could've swapped again but what's the point knowing it will probably happen again. Msoft obv aren't bothered. They don't sell the official dongle anymore. Why sell a 25 quid fix when a controller costs 50 or 60 quid . Which then in turn breaks and needs replacing. Nice little money spinner. Cynical???


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I had this recently and its an easy fix if you have the right torx screw drivers. the head phone socket is a swappable part and cheap on ebay, its not soldered to the controller and can be easily removed and replaced which fixed my headphone socket drop outs. This is a pretty common issue.

I bought a replacement socket for 2.99 on ebay - check the model number on your controller matches if you do this as there is a couple of different models. this is on the label inside the battery case e.g model 1708 here.

Xbox One S Controller Headphone Jack Model 1708 Replacement Bluetooth Internal | eBay

I also bought a torx 8 SECURITY <<< screwdriver , normal torx 8 wont work. and I already had a torx 6 screwdriver so total cost was around £10.

plenty of videos on youtube on how to open and recplace the socket - took all of 2 minutes.



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it could be that the socket has moved as it's NOT soldered to the board, get a repair kit off eBay for a couple of quid, 5 minutes later and its as good as new.
Joystick replacement it a different ketter of fish as you have to get the soldering iron out.
But the jack socket is a piece of p!22

edits - Opps ive just realised how old this thread is!

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