Mysterious switch and wires. Can you help identify? Should I upgrade?


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Just moved into a home built in 2002. It has in-ceiling speakers throughout, but the previous homeowners left us with no equipment... just wires and switches (see image). Looking to be educated. Would be grateful to be set on the right path to making use of what I have. Some questions:

1) What are the names of the devices/wires you see?
2) What is the ethernet ports device used for?
3) What equipment do I need (beyond knowing that I need a receiver) to take advantage of what I have.
4) Is this technology still relevant? What am I working with here?
5) What questions should I be asking?

*I'm technologically savvy, but by no means well versed in AV equipment. Treat me like a 1st grader. In an ideal world I would like to send my music from my phone (iOS) to a specific room.

Thanks in advance. I hope to learn a lot from this group.


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I should comment that I took the in-wall source controller off the wall and the cat5 cable was hooked into it. There are three of these throughout the house.


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I've actually made a lot of progress since posting this. I just needed to pull up the brand and model and that led to a lot of information. I was suggested to get Niles MRC-6430 along with a few other things.

The Cat5 cables can power the keypad (source and volume control). I had no idea that a cat5 cable could power something. Consider this questions closed. I appreciate the responses.

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