Question My5 on Smart tv.


I have a Hitachi Smart T.V. My problem is that the Freeplay version of My5 ( Android ) running on this T.V. will not allow the same characteristics to run as my other laptop version on a Linux base running Chrome.
For example the Linux version has more catch up episodes available, and has the "My List" facility. Which I find particularly useful.
I have tried paring with Bluetooth but this has no effect.
All the other Freeplay apps seem to work O.K.- as they do on my Linux.
Seems to me that it's the Android that is causing the problem - it is the latest version.
Any ideas please.


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It's not unusual for TV catch-up apps to look different on different devices and from manufacturer to manufacturer - it all depends on how often the app is updated on each device as to which version you'll get. For example - I'm able to log into the My5 app on one of my devices but not on another, which makes it particularly frustrating when trying to resume a program from where you left off when switching devices !

In your case, it's not too surprising that a web-based version on a laptop is different to that on a smart TV. I can't imagine that a manufacturer like Hitachi would be updating their apps or firmware that often ?

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