My Yamaha Speaker stand woes!


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Hoping someone (Rotten fox, or similar kin!) can help. I've just had my AV3101 package delivered to me (love it - although i dont get it all yet!) and have bought some speaker stands from Argos today. Lo and Behold, the stands dont support the speakers (NS-P110). Typical!!

I'm out of high street store options, and am seeking help as to my options. I've found some on the pixmania site, under the AV3101 section, so I assume it would suffice, but I'm not sure I want to take the risk on a French product!!

Does anyone know, or have any experience of these, and if they work with the NS-P110 package that comes with the AV3101 package?

Also, do you reckon there'll be 2 in the pack it doesnt say but shows 2!!!

Anyone have any other ideas or alternatives to the speakers!!? I really want to put them on stands, but I dont think i'll find any that work for these models in the shops!!


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that might be a pair..but noone could tell you,unless you mailed or phoned them.
which stands did you buy?
as i see there is a pair for £39,and they come with a universal set of heads,so they should fit all speakers..
they come with either 2 or 3 heads,to swap between.

also,you could try currys,homebase,b&q<-they actually carry instore,some pretty nice wall brackets.

or do you mean,they fall over,and cant take the weight??

i thought they were all alike,those speakers,with the brass screwhole on the back,and a keyhole as well,for hanging.
my friend has a set on stands,from argos,only the front left and right though..and i couldnt honestly say,if he bought 2 or 4pack of stands.
the only thing he took from me,was some screws to attach them,as the heads on his screws were too small.


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Cheers RF, no it was the pair for £19.99, doubtly with any universal fittings. so thats the key ingrediant then? When I saw the piccie I just thought it was for speakers with the holes on the backs. These speakers have them underneath only, with the keyhole hangers as well. So your saying that these speakers, with the brass screwhole underneath will work okay, as long as the speakers are universal? I'll look into it, save getting it from France eh?


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Scrap that, the one I bought had 'universal fitting' (they must have omitted it from my box though!)

It had an L shape bracket, but the hole to put the screw into was at the back only, and there was no screw fixing at the back! I tried to put a screw with a bolt through both end, but it wasnt stable enough! useless!!

I'm at a loss now, if the one I bought advertised 'universal fitting' whose to say the ones from Pixmania are just as useless!!?? :eek:

See what I mean, this is messing with my head!! I think i'll email the pix and ask them. With regards to the other shops Fox, Homebase and Argos are the same company and have the same products, ansd as far as I'm aware Currys and all that do the all in one DVD home cinemas and not stands on their own. I could be wrong and will have a look, but I've checked most of these places out!


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can you take a pic of the back of the speaker?


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I know these fit my father in law has them.

The speakers in NSP110 mount on them with the key hole that is on the back!

Mine mount the same way on the stands I bought to match my Toshiba speakers.

I don't really understand your problem.


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Thanks for the repsonses guys.

Kev, those werent the speaker stands I had, and using the key holes wasnt an option. I tried it, but it didnt work, they dont line up at all.

In the end I drilled a hold in the bottom of the stand and screwed that into the speaker! A bit of a DIY job! Happy with them now, expect one of the stands' thread doesnt allow the bolt to be screwed so its lob-sided, but i'm getting some paper to sort this out!!


Just a quikkie, using Sky thru optical, sometimes the piccie and sound dont quite lip synch properly! can i fix this with a component cable from the amp to the TV, or do i have to have loads of cables going everywhere? If this isnt how I sort it out, how the hell do I do it?

Thanks for help, its doing me nut in!!!

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