My Yamaha DSP AX630SE dts problem


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hi frineds

recently i noticed that there is no difference in sound when i switch the audio from Dolby digital 5.1 to dts, in the old days when i press the Audio button in the DVD player remote use to be Philips DVD player i can get a very high quality sound in dts compared to what i get from dolby Digital 5.1 ,but now i dont see any difference in sound now the player is Panasonic BD85 ,Is that mean the dts decoding in my Yamaha Amp is not working or is it a problem with the Panasonic BD 85 ? I connected the Panasonic BD85 to my Yamaha through a Coaxial digital cable ? well same cable from the day 1 Please tell me is it a problem with cable panasonic or yamaha ,Looking forward to hear from you guys.



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I just thought I'd make sure that you realise that not all DVD titles also include a DTS audio track along with a Dolby Digital track?

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