My xbox live bill?


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Jul 26, 2002
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Never mind :blush:
Oh well i've found there is an option for the year sub :rolleyes:

When the two months are up, you have a few options:

You can just carry on wreaking havoc online and the credit card you used to sign up will be charged monthly at £4.99.

You can buy a Starter Kit for £39.99, which contains a headset, 12-months subscription and two demo games; MotoGP and MechAssault.

For easier and cheaper payment, head to your Dashboard and sign up for the annual subscription, this will cost you £39.99

MODS please delete :smashin:

Get a starter kit from for £30!!!
Originally posted by Games Guru

Get a starter kit from for £30!!!
I've already got 1 i've had live for 1year i just changed my tag thats all.
I couldn't find the option for another 1year sub so i thought i would have to pay £4.99 a month £60 a year instead of £40 :blush: :laugh:
so i thought i would have to pay £4.99 a month £60 a year instead of £40

You can afford it :)
True just 1 more handbag to nick :rotfl:
They do suit you mate ;)
Originally posted by -Spike-
They do suit you mate ;)

Set myself right up :rolleyes: :D
what i did was use the 2 month free trial you get in pretty much all live compatible games. then buy a starter kit from amazon for £30. hence i get a headset and 14 months live for £30 instead of paying £40 for just 12 months of live.
Same here!

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