My VP50 has finally arrived any recommended configs for Pio XDE


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Having waited patiently for many weeks for it to arrive... its finally here :D

It will be replacing my HD+ so a little re-cabling will be required.

To shorten my learning curve, does anyone with a Pio XDE or even not using a VP50 have any recommended settings or things I should look out for.

I will be using only SD initially, Sky via SDI, DVD via component and HTPC via DVI-HDMI.

Any tips much appreciated.

I have been noticing on the HD+ scan lines being visible especially around mouths of people speaking, can I expect this to be less obvious with the VP50?



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Having waited patiently for many weeks for it to arrive... its finally here

Was this direct from DVDO? How many weeks?

Just wondering as I ordered a VP50 from DVDO myself using their international trade-in scheme. It was shipped about three weeks ago and I'm hoping it might be arriving sometime soon.



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Mine was also through the upgrade programme with DVDO.

To be honest it has been bit of a nightmare... Must have been 6-7 weeks, allegedly got stuck in customs, OWL lost the order, after being reminded, sent it, then courier lost it (allegedly) :rotfl: but sent another straight away...

Dan who seems to be the only person who deals with the DVDO upgrades through OWL, does a good job, but is often out of the country or just unavailable and nobody else can help which is very frustrating!

The UK power cord supplied by OWL was second hand, had tape on and huge gouges taken out of the top, not a big issue but thats not the point. No USB to serial adapter either - taken out I wonder?

No details on how to return my HD+ and conclude the upgrade.

All in all not the most professional of experiences.

Hope yours goes more smoothly...


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Thanks Steve,

Doesn't bode well. Maybe I should make an enquiry with DVDO soon and see how things are progressing with my order. Three weeks seems about long enough for surface shipping.



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Mine (one of the first batch that came through when they started shipping) was stuck in customs for a couple of weeks.

Dan sent me info ahead of time about how to send in the vp30 in my case. Suggest you mail him

None have had the USB-serial cable in :(


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I have a sneaky feeling it is all down to the fact DVDO are paying the customs duties, and good old HMRC won't release it until DVDO have paid them. Which with any company isn't going to be an instant process.

The silver panel I ordered at the same time arrived in a matter of days as it was sent directly to me incorrectly... I had to pay the duties on it. ( though did get a refund from DVDO :thumbsup: )

It would be nice if DVDO made UK customers aware of this upfront to manage expectations.


Cheers, I emailed Dan on Friday for details and to ask for the USB thingy :smashin: .


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