My VGA box has died....Please help ?



Hi Guys

My Logic-3 Vga adaptor box has died and i can't play on my 360 at the mo.:thumbsdow

Anyone got a suggestion or 2 as to what i do next.......

I would like to steer away from buying another of the same thing and it needs to be as cheap as chips:thumbsup:

Also i need my monitor for my PC as well as the 360....So how about it guys :lease:


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why even using an adaptor box when the 360 has proper vga hd support? granted, doesnt have a built in switchbox.. so not sure what to say there, other than get maybe joytech vga cable ( cheaper than official ) and a simple switchbox from somewhere?


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thats the one i use got it from maplins £12.
no problems with it and picture quality very good.
cheers ian.


Cheers guys....

Ian .....May i ask what else you have with it so i get some idea of whats involved......Cost etc?


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Well I have a VGA box for the xbox and the VGA lead for the 360.

The VGA cable for the 360 has red and white sound cables I had in my TV before I put the sound for that into the amp via the optical. As for the xbox from the the VGA box I had a phono to red and white lead cable which I had in the TV and now goes through the amp.


Super Duper

I am one happy bunny.....Big thanks to all who helped/posted suggestions etc especially Ian....

Cheers dude

Can't believe the difference in quality :clap: :clap: :clap:

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