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So, we've redecorated and room, put wooden flooring down (you may have seen my redecoration thread in the DIY forum).

I've since bought a new iMac 27 and put the rear speakers on the wall so I thought I'd put up some photos for you.

It's gone from this:



To this....








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Good work, looks much better than before, but I would invest some money on a nice sideboard for equipment and TV ... you can get some good ones at reasonable prices in Ikea.


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Thanks, yes I do want to look at getting a new sideboard for all the gear. I don't like having the amp and Sky HD box hidden away though as they get so hot - hence why they're sat on top, so I would need a cabinet which would accommodate that. I don't really want to mount the TV on the wall either.

A few more photos and a kit list for you...

Sony 40" LCD
Sony BDP-S350 Blue Ray player
Onkyo TX-SR606 7.1 HDMI Amp
Kef 2005.3's
Kef Kube 2 Sub
Xbox 360
iMac 27










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And yes, I plan to put up some D-Line trunking to hide the speaker wires this weekend.

By the way, I live with my girlfriend, I'm 24, she's 22 and this is our first place together! Been here for 2 years in March and we love it. It's just on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire. Also, it's staggered terraced. The houses are only linked by about 1 metre so the neighbours can't hear anything, even with a very loud film!
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A couple of ideas for you:

IKEA | Cabinets & sideboards | Sideboards | BONDE | Sideboard

or 2 of these together:
IKEA | TV solutions | TV solutions for tube TVs up to 25'' | BESTÅ JÄGRA | TV bench on castors

One question: what is that metal pedestal you keep the front speakers on? Where did you get it?

Thanks, I'll have a look at those.

The pedestals are Gale bookshelf speaker stands. You fill the tubes with sand, it has either the flat bottom or carpet spikes for the base.

Richer Sounds used to sell them but they don't seem to be on their website anymore. They do have these which look similar,

Soundstyle Z2 Black | Per Pair | Richer Sounds


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looks very nice, shame you didnt keep the pink curtains i bet that hurt throwing them away? ;)

:hiya: bye bye curtains!

The most difficult bit was ripping that fireplace out on my own with just a little hammer and chisel. Neither were big enough for the job! Horrible job. Luckily the wall behind was pretty good, I just sanded it and put a couple of thick coats of base coat on to hide any small uneven bits.


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Very nice - I am writing this for a similar iMac - got to love them especially that mouse :thumbsup:


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I was joking around with my girlfriend last night saying I wanted to build a dedicated home cinema in the spare room (a good sized double almost square room). Strange thing is - she said yeah, it's a great idea!

Ha ha ha! :clap:

So, this time next year (can't afford it at the moment!) I may have sold the bed and bought a big corner sofa bed and a projector screen! It would declutter the lounge too. Just leave the TV and Sky HD box down there and take the amp, speakers, xbox and blu-ray player upstairs along with one of the cabinets.

Watch this space.....

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