My UK R2 Terminator DVD has been terminated!


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The underside of the disc has got like a permanent frosted layer on, and when touched your fingerprints are imprinted and cannot be removed.

I have had the disc for serveral years and has been stored safely on my bookcase. Now the disc is unreadable.

Anyone experienced this, or know the cause.



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Hi Damo, this also affected the R2 Silence of the Lambs disc released by MGM at the same time and is to do with how the discs were bonded together. I cleaned both of mine with Windolene spray and a soft cloth and they worked fine. The stickiness may or may not come back but the disc should still play fine. Hope this helps.


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Wash it with a bit of soapy water and leave to dry. I did mine 7 years ago and it still plays fine.

The problem is known as delimination. This is where the two layers come apart and at the time glue seeped out. It has only got to separate microns for it to happen. Fortunely, the laser should still be able to read both layers of the disc.

These are all the discs back in 2002.

Silence of the Lambs
Rocky Boxset
Midnight Cowboy
The Night of the Hunter
No way out
The Manchurian Candidate
Never Say Never Again
Casino Royale
The Good the Bad & the Ugly (2nd pressing)
First Great Train Robbery
Annie Hall
Some like it Hot

Fox/Pathe -
The Girl on the Bridge
Yellow Submarine
Space 1999 vol 3 - Carlton

Dinosaur Collector's Edition (disk #1)
Lady & the Tramp 2
Oliver & Company
Rescuers Down Under
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Cheers for all your advise guys.:thumbsup: Glad to know that I wasn't the only one.

I have cleaned the DVD's and they work again.:smashin:



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Cheers for all your advise guys.:thumbsup: Glad to know that I wasn't the only one.

I have cleaned the DVD's and they work again.:smashin:


Is the disc still in the original cardboard digipak? The manufacturers (Technicolor) blamed the inks used in the packaging rather them bodging up the manufacturing !. Not sure if I actually believed that but I transferred the discs into a amaray case when it happened and so far, the disc is stil clean and glue free.

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A few of my old X-Files DVD boxsets suffered from this "sticky" issue but I rebought them all in the smaller digipaks last year so I gave the old ones to my sister for free. She seemed happy enough and they still played anyway.

I did have the same thing happen to my Silence of the Lambs and Terminator DVDs too but I was able to swap them for replacements at WHSmith some months later even though I didn't actually buy them from there. Naughty, I know, but it was less hassle than sending them back to MGM.

Makes me wonder if this will happen to all our DVDs eventually. I'm sure I read somewhere that it was caused by the paint causing the disc to literally rot.


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I have the same on my Terminator dvd.
It refused to play in my old dvd player, but it played fine in the new player I bought last year.
Haven't tried it yet in my blu-ray player.


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I remember reading about this problem ages ago. Back then it was blamed on laser rot which affected quite a few laserdiscs.

Laser rot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


It isn't really laser or disc rot as if it was, then audio and video would still be affected or the disc would still be unreadable even after cleaning.

Delimination is where the glue has not bonded the layers properly so the two layers have come apart. They are still apart after cleaning with warm water but because the glue/cloudiness has been removed, the laser can get through to the data.

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